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Since june 2015 there exists a new luxury-hookah on the merket and is also specific and unique in its design.

About Universe Shisha

With their special design Universe Shisha want to differ from orientalic hookahs in ordert o fit in in modern furnished hookah bars and tob e intresting for privat customers. They seek customers, who emphasize workmanship, quality and the love for details. Every single hookah is produced in complex handwork and during the production many different regional contractors work together, that’s what it meens „made in germany“. That point was always the center of the firmpolicy an represents it the best.

The hose is covered in real leather by a saddler, some parts oft he hoohkah are shaped by cnc machines or lasers, als well es welted or bend by a locksmith. The glas is crystal glas, handblown in a famous glas factory in the Bavarian Forest – the „die Freiherr von Poschinger Glasmanufaktur“


The first and so far only model from Universe Shisha ist he model Earth. Developed with the demand to create an optical outstanding hookah without any unsatisfied technical wishes. That’s why the function is in the centre of attraction, besides the worldwide unique look. Every diameter is chosen for optimal airflow. Next to the specially designed hookah glas bowl the delivery also contains a dip tube adapter in ordert o be able to use all different types of hookah bowls. An optical highlight and therefore the center oft he Earth is handblown base out of lead crystal. Refined with hose adapter and a dip tube seal both made out of stainless steel, the highclass impression is confirmed, even at a closer look.

More outstanding parts are hose and mouthpiece. The silicone hose is partly covered in real leather by hand as the mouthpiece is drilled out of a massiv piece of stainless steel and again covered in leather. On top of that, the mouthpiece containes a magnet in order to stick it to every metal part of the hookah, which underlines the classy and stylish design of this hookah. At last an das the second characteristic feature the pedestal is completely handmade out of glas. Precisly the form is bent and perfectly smoothed and welded afterwards with every other piece oft he hookah.
A scratch and heat resistend powder coating is the final part of this outsanding hookah. A led modul is also part oft he delivered equipment, so you can put the whole classy hookah in the correct and atmosphereal light, as well as the aluminium suitcase filled with foam and a verlvety bag fort he podestal and hose. It is easy to see, that the firm Universe Shisha wants a complete and smooth package for the Earth – function paired with unique design an 100% made in germany.

Universe Shisha Earth


Price: 1599€



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2 Kommentare

  1. Schöner Beitrag, sehr interessant.
    Viel Liebe zum Detail und Handarbeit steckt in so einem Produkt.
    Wirklich unglaublich wie luxuriös und extravagant diese Shisha aussieht, ohne dabei zu protzen.
    Wär dieses Modell nicht so teuer, dann würde sie schon längst bei mir Zuhause stehen.

    Liebe Grüße

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