Rewarded design from russia

Shapes Pipes – a russian design at its origin
The strikingly elegant ShapesPipes won the legendary A’Design award in 2013 because of it’s plaine and innovating design and is now also available in germany.

About Shapes Pipes

After barely a year of developing the design-hookah ShapesPipes startet in 2011 in Moscow – today this design-hookah established itself to an icon in the upper price segment and can be seen in hip scene-clubs or stylish hoohkah-cafes around the world. Shapes Pipes is therefore the ideal design-hookah for upcoming hookah-bars and clubs.


The russian Shapes Pipes is available in seven different styles. As the last importer the onlineshop HookahFlow distributed the luxurious models in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new model Shapes Frost, the minimalistic Shapes Pro, also well as the impressiv Shapes Basic, Aqua and Darth and all other available models in Germany are directly imported from russia. Moreover, they all have a LED-modul on the bottom to set the impressiv design in the right spot.

Shapes Pipes Basic


Price: approx. 500€

Shapes Pipes Aqua


Price: approx. 550€

Shapes Pipes Darth


Price: approx. 550€

Shapes Pipes Primo, weiß


Price: approx. 250€

Shapes Pipes Primo, schwarz


Price: approx. 250€

Shapes Pipes Primo, grün


Price: approx. 250€
Info: is no longer manufactured

Shapes Pipes Frost, weiß


Price: approx. 350€

Shapes Pipes Frost, schwarz


Price: approx. 350€


It’s hard to tell why the russian Design-hookah distinguishes itself from other hookah in cases of design and shape – but it’s easy to see.


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